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About me
Daytime, I’m PhD Candidate at the department of Social Work at Mid Sweden University. But I’m also active in and a former board member of the first and feminist party in the world; The Feminist Initiative (Fi). This blog i mostly about my political commitment.
The Feminist Initiative is spreading throughout the world and is established to some extent in several European countries and elsewhere around the world. The Swedish Feminist Initiative have received support from several wellknown person’s like Jane Fonda, Eve Ensler, Lillian Hall-French, and Rada Boric, which were all involved in the Feminist initiative’s campaign for the parliament election in 2006. Several musicians as Benny Andersson (ABBA), Robyn and The Knife also support us.
In October, 2010, an Umbrella organization of European Feminist Parties was established at the first European Conference of Feminist Parties, in Valencia. Iniciativa Feminista (Spain), Feministische Partei Die Frauen (Germany), Partia Kobiet (Poland), and Feminist Intiative (Sweden), took part in this conference. An European Feminist Coordination Board was established with the aim to unify criteria and settle the basis for the next European electoral program. 
You can read more about The Feminist Initiative (and don’t forget using Google Translate if needed!):



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